Meet Pamela Ammondson

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Pamela Ammondson, president of Ammondson Communications, has been active in business and marketing communications for more than twenty years. She is a popular speaker, life coach and author specializing in new beginnings. She has helped corporate executives, small business owners, professionals and life changers to clarify what they really want and take control of their lives with a new sense of purpose and vision. She is dedicated to helping people rediscover their amazing gifts, rekindle their passions and joy and offer their gifts to the world. Pamela is a certified Core Strengths Coach, specializing in strengths-based positive psychology.

Ms. Ammondson spent several years researching burnout, its causes and antidotes and is a frequent media guest. She conducts workshops for people at all job levels and has compiled her findings into the practical book Clarity Quest: How to Take a Sabbatical Without Taking More Than a Week Off (Simon and Schuster, 1999). Her work has been featured in Time magazine, Psychology Today, The Los Angeles Times, Working Mother, Fitness, Escape, National Public Radio, The San Francisco Chronicle, NBC Nightly News and the Business News Network.

She has served in professional and community organizations as Co-Chairman of the San Francisco Symphony 500, Board Member of the San Francisco Professionals and the Arts, PR Consultant for the American Red Cross, Board Member of the Weld County Council on Aging, Team Leader for the Santa Rosa Holiday Food Project and member of the Alumnae Resources Career Advisor Network and National Speakers Association.

Pamela was awarded the Golden Quill Award from the International Association of Business Communicators and is listed in Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, International Who's Who of Professional and Business Women and Nationwide Register's Who's Who.

She has held a variety of public relations and corporate communications positions -- editor of Metro Denver, PR Manager for Mountain Bell and Pacific Bell, Communications Consultant and Senior Producer for the Hewlett-Packard Company -- and currently owns her own company. She currently lives in Santa Rosa, California.

What People Are Saying

"Stressed out? Burned out? Need a Change? Ammondson has a lovely idea: for seven weeks, spend your spare time getting ready for a week of full-time focus on your future. And in the eighth week, you just do it. You'll emerge with a clear vision of what you want from your life and what steps you need to take to realize that vision."
The Dallas Morning News

"I would highly recommend this book, especially for anyone who has become so engulfed by the busy world and is desperately seeking a way to take back control of his or her life and personal time."
Rating: Excellent, The National Public Accountant

"A few books we love: The Art of Doing Nothing, by Veronique Vienne and Clarity Quest: How to Take a Sabbatical Without Taking More Than a Week Off."

"Finally a guide to getting the life you deserve. You can have love, wealth, and a great career on your own terms. Just follow the eight week plan outlined in the book- it will guide you every step of the way"
J. Whitford, Falls Church, VA

"For many of us taking more than a week away from work is difficult, if not impossible. Fortunately, there's Pamela Ammondson's CLARITY QUEST program which gives you the benefits of an extended sabbatical in just seven days. With numerous exercises, checklists, and progress reports, Clarity Quest makes life improvement not just possible, but practical."
One Spirit Book Club

"... if all else fails, find other ways to reinvigorate yourself. For pointers, read CLARITY QUEST: How to Take a Sabbatical Without Taking More Than a Week Off."

"One of the most valuable things you can do in your career is take a sabbatical, giving yourself time to think about how things are going and whether you need to go in a new direction. ... If you know something needs to change in your career of your life and you're not sure how to approach it, CLARITY QUEST could help."
The San Francisco Chronicle

"Inspiring! Motivating! Fun to read and follow! This was just what I needed to jump-start my life. Pam Ammondson used great examples, warmth and humor to really inspire me to look at my life and set an exciting new course. I highly recommend this book!
Carolyn Kellams, National Training Forum

"Highly recommended. Make time to read Clarity Quest…Ammondson offers salespeople (and others) seven weeks of insightful exercises that point toward improved health, personal renewal, and higher energy levels. She then outlines an agenda for a culminating "guided" week off designed to leave you feeling focused, confident and in control of your life. If you can't quite manage to take a year off to regain your bearings, her book is probably the next best thing."
The Executive Sales Briefing

"This book is not filled with psycho-babble, nor is it preachy. It is extraordinarily well organized and thought out. Like winning the lottery, this book could change your life."
Joe Barnhart, Silicon Valley Entrepreneur

"Check out CLARITY QUEST by Pamela Ammondson. You can read the book in a few hours and come away with some powerful principals for rejuvenation and happiness. Or, you can follow the author's eight-week program, with specific ideas for each day, culminating in a weeklong solo retreat. Either way, the book is brimming with practical exercises and down-home advice. While some self-help books can be off-putting, patronizing, gooey or even downright bossy, Ammondson and I got along fine. She's thorough, modest, and accessible. Her attitude is: We're all in this together."
Sarah Finnie Cabot,

"Pam Ammondson really got to the point on helping everybody live a better life. No false promised or just wishes. She's given wit and the good thing is that she shares it with us. And does so by combining dreamer's ideas with focused advices. What else could be better"
A reader from Monterrey, Mexico,

"Your workshop was a big hit! What I got to experience was absolutely exceptional! You have such a lovely and natural way of communicating with people. I learned so much from you in such a short period of time."
Michele Mokrey, Spokane's Celebration for Women

"Pam Ammondson's workshop is everything it promised and more! It is an excellent, guided, workshop for the person in need of recharging the spirit or in working through a meaningful career or personal transition."
Irene Economou, Hewlett-Packard Company

"The workshop you led for us was exceptional! Everyone was pleased."
Kathrina Ramsted, University of Great Falls

"You were just beautiful in your presentations and so full of joy—it spread. I know it became a huge plan to carry out but my how you did it!"
Virginia Hughes, Between Women

"Your workshop has had a dramatic effect on my life. I have been able to confidently and comfortably make fundamental changes to my career and life."
Greg Moore, AT&T-Wireless

"Thank you so much for presenting your program. Your presentation style is very effective and well received by the participants. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with you."
Sandra Speerstra, MEd, Benefis Healthcare

"I found your approach to be fresh and insightful. Thanks for sharing your experiences and providing a program for people to renew and recharge and regain control."
Sandra Sanchez, US WEST Communications