Determine Your Strengths

Leveraging your strengths ultimately impacts your happiness, and likely, your success in relationships and career. This is a key foundation of Positive Psychology today. Instead of focusing on improving the areas we are poor at, if we focus on getting better at what we do well and/or like, can we have an even bigger impact?

Consider a professional athelete today. Most have some core skills that made them successful in the first place. As they progress over time, a coach determines how to enhance those skills and how to polish the rough edges. If you look at an athelete, you can probably see their key strength and likely a large weakness. A tri-athelete competes in three demanding, physical activities: running, swimming, and cycling. If you ask them, they will easily identify which they do best and which is their worst. In this situation, where do they spend their time and effort? Getting a little better in their worst activity, or excelling in their best? And how much effort will it take to truly "move the needle" in each situation?

Using a series of interviews, activities and excerises, a life coach develops a plan of attack for your strengths and weaknesses. The objective is to make sure you recognize your strengths, utilize them to your fullest, and develop a plan to improve the most glaring weaknesses.