Overcome Your Fears

5 Fears
While doing workshops on the concepts mentioned in the book CLARITY QUEST: How to Take a Sabbatical Without Taking More Than a Week Off, attendees consistently mentioned they were at a cross roads. They were assessing changes in their personal life, career, or both. Many had reached a decision to do something, but they were not able to move forward and make something happen. There were some fundamental fears in their way -- lack of finances, incomplete skill set, having to start all over, lack of credibility in the new pursuit, fear of failure, and others. They had reached an emotional hurdle that they were unable to overcome.

In her upcoming book, Making Your Fears A Positive, Pamela Ammondson strives to address the major fears that stop us, recommends activities and exercises to assess our situation, and develop a roadmap for overcoming that fear. Learning from others will help you move forward.

You want to shift your career and do something completely different. You have built up a measurable skill set, an ability to understand common situations, and you know how to resolve common issues. But what next? A new area. New skills. New problems. What if you don't succeed? You are not alone. Many others have been there, moved forward, and are happily in that next chapter of their life.