Clarify Your Vision

It's difficult to decipher what direction, if any, our lives are going in - especially when the phone won't stop ringing, the projects keep piling up, and the kids won't stop screaming. Yet for most, escaping the pressures for a few precious days is hardly worth the effort. Frazzled and distracted, we barely start to relax before it's time to turn back and face the same tensions - plus whatever chaos has come calling in our absence.

The book CLARITY QUEST: How to Take a Sabbatical Without Taking More Than a Week Off (Simon & Schuster), guides the way to renewing body, mind, and spirit for a fresh perspective and a happier future. It urges the stressed-out, the worn-out, and the unfulfilled: "It's time to step back, relax, restore, and regenerate while you rethink your profession and your life in a structured way."

Easy to grasp and put into action, CLARITY QUEST presents a progressive, eight-week program culminating in total revitalization and refocus. Day by day, week by week, you are provided the insights, hands-on tools, and encouragement to help you determine just what you want from work and life, develop a clear vision, and devise an aciton plan to make that vision a reality. From "base camp training" to a well-earned and wonderfully restorative mini-sabbatical, you will gradually climb from the brink of burnout to self-knowledge, assured direction, and peace of mind. Backed by simple exercises such as journaling, inspiring true stories, uplifting affirmations, and fun activities, each week CLARITY QUEST focuses on one key aspect of the process.

For a modest investment of time and money, CLARITY QUEST can bring a profound transformation in the body, mind, and soul, as well as everyday life. Participants will discover the wondrous benefits of taking the time and making the commitment for a serious vacation.

The CLARITY QUEST Eight Week Program

CLARITY QUEST is based on a step-by-step program of refreshing activities and exercises that progresses through seven weeks of conditioning and culminates in a getaway week of profound rejuvenation, self-discovery, and renewal.


Week 1: Getting a Good Night's Sleep.
Objective: To restore vital energy through relaxation and proper rest.

Week 2: Banking on Your Future.
Objective: To find freedom from monetary worries.

Week 3: Fuel for Thought.
Objective: To feed the body and mind for optimum vitality.

Week 4: Renewal and Regeneration Through Exercise.
Objective: To promote high energy and clear thinking through regular physical activity.

Week 5: Simplifying and Streamlining.
Objective: To find more time and energy by becoming more focused, organized, and efficient.

Week 6: Letting Go and Lightening Up.
Objective: To cleanse toxic emotions from the mind and body.

Week 7: High-Power Energetics.
Objective: To be nourished by three types of love: Divine Love, Self Love, and Love for Others.

After seven weeks of restoring the energy and focus to think clearly and creatively about the future, it's time for "the summit" -- The Guided Week-Long Sabbatical. Escaping to a beautiful place for five to seven days, you will find targeted exercises and activities to identify your greatest strengths, clarify your true desires, and design a career and life in harmony with your core values. You'll return home not only well-rested, but with specific goals plus an action plan to keep you on target. And, long after your mini-sabbatical, you will sustain the momentum by following the guidelines for daily conditioning, weekly check-ups, and quarterly tune-ups.